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Who is Xcellent?
[size=24pt][font=comic sans ms]
Who Is Xcellent??

Xcellent is a Artist like none other. Witty, lyrical content full of life liberty
and the pusuit of happiness.  He's an artist that represent the struggle as well as the glorification of making it out!! 
With so many dreams deferred this here is an example of an artist who's time is sure to come!!

This Here Is An Unofficial Xcellent Compilation Including His New Material
From Him And His Best Material Up To Date That Aren't On Any Official Tape.
To All who Don't Know Who Xcellent Is, He's A Rapper From Cincinnati, Ohio
He's Known For Killing Every Song He's On With His Hot Verses, Spitting
Fire Like No Other Artist In The Game Today.
Please Do Not Under Estimate Him.
You've Been Warned Because He Is A Beast.
This Is Not For Everyone, If You Like Soft Pop Music Please Click Off,
This Is For Real Hip Hop Fans Who Appreciate A Rapper Trynna Make A Name For Himself,
With His Unbelievable Flow And Message The World Needs To Know Of Xcellent
So Please Let The People Know About Him, Because They've All
Been Missing Out On One Of The Best Rapper's To Ever Grab
The Mic In This New Generation
Check out My music

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