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Beats Crooked would kill
I definitely want him to do a "Feelin It" freestyle, also AZ's "The Format" would be cool.
this one

imo, only he could do it
(02-18-2009, 11:40 PM)conqueso34 link Wrote:this one

imo, only he could do it

that shit is terrible, dawg...fuck is u thinkin?!

somebody please tell me he was jokin

he should rock i used to love h e r
Ive always wanted him to do one over
2pac-Cant C Me
shit this honestly hard to say cuz crooked could prbly go hard on most of the beats out there cuz hes so versatile and he not only raps about life but can make bangers like boom boom clap and also songs like banger on my lap he just all over the place cuz he got songs like imagine. he just a different type of artist compared to any of these guys out right now but one beat i wanna hear him tear up would be westside story by game.

if he ever got in some beef shit this would be perfect for him

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