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A good laugh........

LOL I remember these!

Can't believe they are still in existence!
lol wtf
hahahah i'll need to get me some thug water for real
It's marketing ploys like these that make you realise how suge lost all his money, i can imagine suge sitting in his office speaking to one of his shook employees:

Suge: thats another bill from our administrators, i can't even afford fish food for the piranhas, snoop has got out of his contract and 2pacs mum is suing us again, i think we're fucked

shook employee:well boss, there is always my 'thug water' idea

suge: eureka, why didn't i think of this before? go into my savings account and spend every last cent i have on the distribution of bottles of water with eastwoods face on them, death row record is back in full motherfuckin effizzect
^^ haha

It just looks like a sticker slapped on some bottled water.
(02-22-2009, 06:22 AM)bigradgeandy link Wrote: It's marketing ploys like these that make you realise how suge lost all his money...

I still think he has money, and lots of it. Whether he can be seen flaunting it I don't know. I just can't see how has lost hundreds of millions in such a short time.

Did you think he was broke before the court case with Harry O's wife? I didn't but it was convenient he was broke when they asked him for over 100 million. The only items they got were DR masters and other DR stuff that just couldn't be hid, unlike Suge's money.

As for the Thug Water, well, I guess anyone could make that and sell it themselves. It will fit in nicely with all the other counterfeit stuff on eBay. 
It's actually real, it's not bootleg... Well, I don't know if THESE bottles are real, but they were handing these out at some Death Row shows back when Suge was launching the "2nd Dynasty".

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