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Crooked I Shot - Official Discussion Thread
(03-01-2009, 05:04 AM)beagle link Wrote: im not gonna be able to sleep tonite

I know man I cant sleep like this. I really hope Crooked is OK
whats going on man, we really need an update
you know Crooked is like FAMILY to us.
Yo man, what the fuck???  Whats the deal??? 

Hope Crooked is okay man coz this is some bullshit!  Sad

g malone confirmed that sth happened but crookeds at home ok,...thats the latest offical news
lol jay could mean anything,

ahhh this shit is going on to long
:o damnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!reaallyy??Crooked??got shott????fuck outta here.Who'd do that stupid shit???Crook hope u get well homie cuz HipHop needs u SlaughterHouse needs u West needs u FANS need u Dr.Dre needs u ;D so hope u'r healthy and get well

C_O_B 4 lifee
Due to the fact that more details are still leaking I decided to re-open this thread and merge existing topics with it.
Another Twitter update...

Posted by a public relations lady from Ballyhoo Public Relations and friend of DJ Devi Dev from KDAY:

Quote:thawrite1: crooked I is hurt but he's alive thank God
about 10 hours ago from mobile web
you got a link to that EFFex?
(03-01-2009, 01:44 PM)__Z__ link Wrote: you got a link to that EFFex?

BTW: BallerStatus is finally just weighing in, but the same info that's here...

Quote:The rumor mill has been buzzing yesterday with news of rapper Crooked I getting shot somewhere in Los Angeles.

While details are sketchy, we've confirmed with sources close to the rapper that he was apparently "hurt badly," but he is alive, at home, and in stable condition.

The word is he was shot, but we've yet to confirm this.

"Crooked I is hurt badly, but he's alive," the source said.

Watts rapper G. Malone also confirmed Crooked's injuries, but didn’t elaborate on the cause. "Something happened ... which they ain't explaining, but Crooked is ok. He is at his home in fine condition," the rapper wrote in a text, via his official Twitter page.

The incident happened as early as Friday night (February 27).

Since the incident, fans have expressed their concerns all over Twitter and his official MySpace page.

"Something's goin on, miss you friend, praying it's just rumors and not true ... get back to me," a fan named The Infamous So*Cal Vixen replied.

"Rumors floatin' you got shot homie. I wanted to make sure you was aight man and make sure it ain't true," DJ Age added on Crooked's MySpace page.

Stay tuned. BallerStatus will keep you updated as details emerge.

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