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Drop Crook A Shout Out!
man, crooked the bad news hit hard
i hope you overcome these obstacles and everything is ok
our thoughts are with you homie
Whatever happened, you're still with us for a reason.  Hope you're doing alright and have a quick recovery!
Good looking out so far, keep them coming everyone!
Everything has already been said 10x over in this thread so to keep it short

Crook get better the world would be empty without your music, you keep me interested in Hip-Hop and I'm sure that applies to many more and this happening shows that a lot of people care about you and your music(more you then your music for a lot of these people)

Get Better
 Defective Crooked I Robot
Crooked, i hope everything is alright. i know your alot of peoples favorite rapper, and it goes beyond that. your my hope for the revival of talent. take care, and know that were all prayin. and getting more fans every day for you. God Bless
Damn i hope everything is good. Get better crooked...

I'm being all that I can be
grew up in the hood poverty was all that I could see
how could someone possibly
block a dream of stopping me
I could lose it all and never fall in mediocrity
rolling on them blocks
and I see a whole lot of me's
gotta keep it gangsta for life no apologies

Crooked I.

Hope you're well. Drop an album this year. Please.

Stay Up Crook and get better homie..
My Prayers are with you and your family..
I'm going to send these in tonight, got a bunch from some other sites too, so just keep them coming.

Even if Crooked is ok, you know he appreciates it!
Wat up Big Crook! damn was shocked wen i turned my computer own, was hopin 4 a new song n shit and instead get this wateva happened hope u and ur fam are all good! C.o.B. till we D.I.E

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