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Drop Crook A Shout Out!
What up Crooked, hope all is well..coming from an Irish COB, my best wishes are with you man..time to TTAU this..aka Tear That Ass Up lol!! 2009 is ours!! Peace man
Crook, whatever went on I hope all is well man and you're back recording in no time. You're keeping Hip Hop alive so I'm sure everyone involved in it, whether it be artists or 'supporters', wishes you well and returns the favour by supporting you. In our eyes your a living hip hop legend and that's how it should remain. My prayers are with you and I'm sure you'll recover from this incident and come back harder than ever! C.O.B For Life! Peace.

Dear Mr. Crooked I

My prayers go out to you and your family. Keep your head up and we wish you a speedy recovery.

Sincerely yours,

I hope everything is good with you and, keep pushing on
yo, Crooked I

through ups and downs you got a lot of support from diferent people and that just goes to show everyone can relate to your music, life,etc.

and with that many people i guess its not that crazy to care for someone you don't even know. lol.

Get better, and hopefully, though no ones really untouchable,  this will be last time this shit happens, but i doubt it. i guess,life goes on but so does everything else..

p.s. jump on that beat already!!
Good looking to everyone that left a comment, I got a bunch of comments from other sites too.

Making sure this stuff goes directly to Crook, thanks for all the support!
Crooked, I was listening to one of your interviews last night on the advice Jay-Z gave to you..."you cant have one foot in the streets, and one foot in the industry"....hope you have a speedy and healthy recovery..C.O.B..
Yo Crooked! man you're like family to me dawg
I was so worried when news/rumors hit the net about
you getting shot. Hope you doing well and hopefully its all rumors.
Hip Hop needs you to be around much longer.  Z 

You're in our prayers Crooked, stay strong!
Yo, get well Long Beach Crooked!!

We need you in the game!!

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