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Crooked I Releases Statement
Hi Guys,

Woke up this morning and found this...

just bout to post this, great shit, good to hear he is ight , the boss says he's good that means he good haha, hopefully all this clears up soon, shouts out to big homie Crook and all the real COB's
ohh man, Its good to hear Crooked I
it gives us fans reassurance he's alive.
get well Crooked !
I think he did get shot. Sounds like he's just trying to play it down or keep it on the low for whatever reason. But definitely good to hear his voice again (no homo pause etc etc) although he sounds kinda messed up..
Can someone confirm what he said? I am at work today and can't play videos Sad

Just an brief outline will do.

Nothing too exciting, just kept reiterating the fact that he's physically ok. But he did say that mentally, he's in a fucked up space and that some crazy shit went down and that it was just some wrong place at the wrong time type shit. He was careful with his words and didn't want to go into much detail.

He also said he'd like to thank the fans for their support.

Dude sounded mad shaken up though.
Good to hear that he's "ok"

But he didn't sound ok!
he seems fucked up for real
Gd to hear from crook, and yer he does sound shooken up, i tink he got shot to shows how many fuckin haterz there r in this fucked up world, cant no one shine with out someone gettin jealous makes me sick C.o.B!! Boss up
(03-02-2009, 05:27 AM)martinnvest link Wrote: Good to hear that he's "ok"

But he didn't sound ok!

I agree.  I am glad to hear he's physically ok, but I am very worried about him still

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