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Trademark Of Hip Hop / #1 On Hip Hop DX
lmao what exactly is the deal with people here hating this guys guts??
mate Mr wizeguyzz. if u really are talkin for crooked. is crooked smokin crack cause if his not on crack u needa slap him. cause thats about the only reason id accept for him trashin on his fans like this.
mate this guy is whack... jay z rooted beyonce as far as i can tell crooked aint even as powerful as one of jay z squivvling seamen.
does crooked actually kick it with this dude, or is he like a cousin he cant get rid off??
Well If He isn't Getting Banned at least all his topics are getting merged into one convenient to ignore thread.....
 Defective Crooked I Robot
CROOKED I is the new face of Hip Hop, He should be recognized as such therefore I'm creating a trademark or logo for Hip Hop as if it were a professional athletic league.  This logo will bear Crooked I's image.  I'm not here to solicite for free services, however I am always open to collaborating with people who are passionate about Crooked I. 
I posted this earlier this week and a few started bashing.  Once again I'm reaching out to those real fans who know me. The rest have been mislead by haters.  If anyone who has something negative to say about me or any of the Bosses, we will all be at the show in San Diego on January 16th.  Instead of posting lies about me, if you really don't like me come talk to me face to face.  Crooked I * Untouchable Gang * Sauce Tha Boss * COB, and the DOC (regardless of what web site there on) are my people.  The DOC got put through some misleading bullshit over there, one day I'll speak the real truth about what went down on that other forum but its not the time.  PEACE

Why the fuck do you keep posting this shit you faggot. Jump off a bridge.
Look at WCD now. Jay is using an iframe to include this site on his WCD domain! Thieving fuck. Jay needs to remove himself from the internet permanently!
[Image: hiphoptrademark.jpg]

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