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Knoc-turn'al & Lunatic: Canada VS America Blog

Quote:Check out Knoc-turn'al and Lunatic messing around a bit!

Note: All done in good fun, the content does not support the realistic views of Knoc-turn'al, Lunatic or Raptalk.Net...

Knoc-turn’al: (Laughs) so I’m talking to Lunatic Raptalk.Net and Lunatic said he was going to hang himself yesterday (laughs). I’m sitting here now trying to talk him out of hanging himself (laughs).

Lunatic: (Laughs) that’s what we’re doing right now on Raptalk.Net, Knoc-turn’al is talking Lunatic out of killing himself.

Knoc-turn’al: (Laughs) Yeah, indeed. But then after he said he was going to hang himself, he said since he’s in Canada, he wanted to come to America so he can hang himself off the American flag (laughs).

Lunatic: (Laughs) I know you didn’t just go there.

Knoc-turn’al: (Laughs) Y’all got red and white but we have one more color.

Lunatic: (Laughs) But we have the free health care.

Knoc-turn’al: (Laughs) at least you got the leaf on the flag, you care about the planet.

Lunatic: (Laughs) There you go.

Lunatic: (Laughs) what y’all motherfuckers got? Some damn stars. Some ignorant ass arrogant star having motherfuckers.

Knoc-turn’al: (Laughs) they gotta’ take all the stars off the flag and just add me, have me as one big star on the flag.

Lunatic: Put Knoc-turn’al on the flag (laughs)

Knoc-turn’al: Then they need to put me in Hollywood. I’m trying to build my credentials.

Lunatic: So you can get that Hollywood star.

Knoc-turn’al: Yeah, of course. That’s what the goal is. They call me the prince of the west coast but I can’t be that unless the fans love me the way their supposed to.

Lunatic: Exactly.

Knoc-turn’al: It’s all about the fans.

Lunatic: That’s why we’re on Raptalk.Net right now.

Knoc-turn’al: Indeed. But anyways, fuck the recording. As I was saying Lunatic, back to what we was talking about…

The end.
Canada is actually a pretty alright place to live.  We have oil and gas which is waht people die for over here. we got saskachewan which is like the las vegas of canada hmm k. lol.

and the people don't play round herre. they run up peoples houses with a shovel real talk. cause first they shovel the snow off your drive way and then they rob your house. ;D

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