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Post your bars
Kinda whack lines compared to most of my stuff but it was mostly off the top and threw it together in a few min. Was putting more emphasis on the rhymes in these ones. Might not go well without the flow either and some parts need work since didn't spend time.

This is just one style so I know it's pretty one-dimensional but I switch my style for every few verses. I'll post some metaphor/punchline/other shit too.

Anyways, post your bars here. All for the hell of it.

I walk around, glocking rounds, pop the town, got the crown,
Atop the mound, why stop me now? Rock'd the twin towers,
A major threat, aims for ursa major, yet...
To Hip-Hop I proposed, my open flow wrote an ode,
Quotables, eroded hoes, stroked my fours at loathsome foes
And then you mention locusts bro?
Locust flow,
Get at ears, last for years, ravage fields, damage yields.
Grip the 'matic, ratchet, hachet, spit traumatic...
problematic, enigmatic clobber habit, slobber rabid, tabid,
amid avid rappers lackin' acid.

Don't fear it, a mere lyrical demon, gettin' even,
Heathens breathin' and heavin' deepens as my heart beats
Leap from beneath a sheet as I,
Speak on for days, words leak on the page,
I seek a don's rate or your weed gon' get laced
As your heart pace races, I just get impatient and Jason cats,
The place a wrap as I place a rap, face it cat
Your shit's too whack
It's tragical, I'm magical, raps catch a fool, be packin' twos,
Rats get used, screwed, bruised, oozed, snoozed, and
Cut from crews,
Make crew cuts like a barber shop, make cuts when the razor pop,
I Blaze a glock, I'm satan, hot, just pass the pot,
You cats got rocked, I rock and sock' em like robots,
Bros dropped, hoes cocked, flows Pac, coke rocked, locs mopped,
Dro's cropped, hope for pope slots, make shots, bake blocks,
Fake talks and get robbed, vasectomy style,
Balls lobbed off like tennis, I'm a menace, drive a lexus,
Live and reckless, bribin' hecklers, scribes and lectures,
Crys'll get ya, knived and severed, never ever contended,
Ascending the senate, I rep for my tenants,
A legend like Lennon, make cats sweat like by mennon,
But I'm no homo I'm never bi-mening,
Style legend, prophetic, never been questioned,
Your a fledgeling... not mentioned,
Why bet against a veteran?
Said that I'm emcee like Letterman,
Don't show me your letters man,
I'm always the better man, said to him by the Baretta man,
Put lead in him, unleaded my Wesson while Revin' the engine and beheaded a reverin',
For getting head from a pedophile pet of his,
Forget it kid, if I said I did, then it's definite.
Ain't no stressin' it. Here's some simple spits:
Sever seven sinners souls, smooth slices style segments,
Sent strictly so snitches seeds suffer severance

Boss in a battle,
Rattle, dazzle, dismantle,
Imagine rap with a passion
Drop chapters of Cass an' Hova,
Wrap hits for the ladies like a Cassanova
To the rap game I'm the core, a door to better days
You wishin' you Pac but lost in the corridor hopin' for better days
Move coke n' Es so I'm flossin',
You niggas at the bar sippin' Kokanees till you droppin'!

Best rapper alive, locked since Pac went,
Rakim alloted a spot and I walked in,
Stop him! They hollered. His flow's beyond novice,
A prophet, such logic, ebonics, phonics, an astonishing product
The son of pun, son'll come, son anyone.
Who you bummin' from? Are you dumb or some...
Thing... move rocks like Ben Grimm
You best take notes cause... I'm him...

Can't hold me back, with hoes I'm stacked,
Hold a stack, souls go BRATTT!, get a mac, head pushed back,
On my grind, all the time, economize, dishonour guys,
astonish, Why?
Always high, get that pie, make those signs, lines rhymes all the time,
Approach my 9, locs get fried, died,
Just notice I'm, so in style, opponents frown, jokes get downed
A soldier bound by dope and mounds of coke and rounds,
Toke it now, smoked, roasted... blowwww!
God MC, non-friends be, ascending, depending, their sentence
I'm melting you ending and sending can't fend when I vent,
'Cause flow so immaculate,
Oh no... can't handle it, get dodo'd and blammered quick,
It's lactic... sick, erratic spits of catalysts,
I fathom it, no random quips, don't quibble my dribble,
I vigil and scribble, I tibault and giggle,
Riddle a bit, amid my squiggles,
You wiggle, get riddled... by bullets,
The trigger I pull it, with vigor I skull him, no gullet,
Full on assault'll snip off your mullet
You don't cut it? Get cut... quick,
Amid the rucus you suckers get punished among this abundance of justice
The grim reaper, street sweeper, meat clever, heat acheiver,
Seep deeper to sleep as the heat heaps your ether,
Urethras'll cheat you
Fecal 'la creep too,
I might be a creep too, demeat you, cut your seed too,
Dump'd out a seadoo, that's what we do
Leave you peat soup, worms eat your cabbage like a season that feed blew,
Can't touch my rhymes boo... Mind you, you never get signed too,
Only cosigned on some calculus shit four-eyed dude,
The best there ever was I knew,
That I came to dominate, can't complate, upon my eight,
I altercate, then alter fate, alternatives are not a state...
of my mind, I'm a mason need I re"mind" you?

Nothing to say but I still style scriptures,
Still style sicker... clock tickers while I bicker with the voices in my head
To voice what's in my mind but ain't been said
I bet, abet, a threat, I said,
Instead my friend faced foes and met his end
What came of him?
Keep him alive as my minds eye retraces him,
Never erasing him, I mason him
Amazed as his spirit reraises limbs,
Heart race again! His figure reforms as I foolishly refined my friend
Refind my friend, stuck by the pen, and defined my friend
Be fine, don't stress...

I can spit with the best of 'em, Crooked I an Em' and when,
Canibus rip-Jackin' Em',
A masterful imagination, massacuring magistration,
Marksman with them macs I'm aiming,
Cats start ravin', when gats bark flamin',
A sage with the laser like raps Darth Vader,
Chicks all over my body like I'm a gator...
Ade flows quench your thirst,
Immersed in first person, first persian to burst cursin'

Alright, this one is weak but you get the idea I just wanted to make a COB verse haha. Imma make it sick though when I really get around to it and not write something in 2 seconds.

Clap! Our block caps ornate bullets, coming out bratt! Crack or break... Chowdered! Over-bake... cowards,  odor breaks... cloudward! Outer... boundaries control oppressed boulevards. Counter? Owwww be... consoled or blessed Cult of bards...classic ode barkers. Cough out blood... casket or barber... Cut... or be crutched. or better crushed. Oh betyurr cust... Om beat cashed outlandish bucks. Cust.... omers bleeped "Class or bust?"

Clan of beast cats, our band can offer bars curr. Others be cats off barker, c... Oh... Be Castrated! Only be capsacin, ovations, BIG's craving our best cadence.
Mostly thrown together in a few min... should post an actual good verse but I'm damn lazy.

I spit for a livin', my mission is givin' remission for the division I vision's arisen, rap is in a
prison, a victim of pidgeon’s reflectin' what’s in it, this isn't efficient, no wisdom in isms in its dome's existence, like positivism, i posit a vision, opp-oz-it the OZ of all opposition, operant piss ants are opted to this stance, in an instance I'm a piston pissed at the system... of inertia just listen, my inner shah dictates, dick tastes, and sick paste, inflict hate on his date, infiltrate then get raped, send sex tape to vex'd ape, I bless'd no alesse eh? dressed to impress lay, gestate then rest... wait, no less on your best day, vest on her chest stay west at your estate, I digress'd my digest, she digests my Y-X... seamen ease in V's when I reach in her region, appeasin' a piece of her pleasin' her G then teasin', I'm keepin' on beatin' and eatin' I reason and reave in, then leave kin A beacon or deacon leavin' you leakin' weak when? at week's end deep in the deep end… you’re wheezin’, then peace’d by the piece as the peace turns to treason. 

I reason that the trend, that’s steepened our leap to the deep end, to depend on beats when they beat us with cheap blends. They pretend to be ten, and we then are weepin’ when regions of legions beam in the streets then, beamin’ they’re stealin’ our lyrical freedom. Free dumb, they feed ‘em...
Your lyrics are good man no joke, I got drunk sometime last month.... Think it was Jaga & Red Bull and remember rapping some of these lyrics with my older brother. We were gonna recorded it and put it on youtube as like a shout out to you and the other guys who wrote lyrics on but never got the video camera out.
Thanks man. I honestly threw those together in almost no time which is why there's some parts that don't flow well, slightly don't fit the bar and all that and why I didn't really add many punchlines and stuff. A few of those verses you gotta adlib a few small words in for them to fit the bar perfectly. I gotta put some effort and write an actual really good verse I'll do that in the next couple days and see what you guys think. Can come up with alotta good rhymes off the top so it's not too hard to write ones like this. Might put somethin' up on youtube too but I don't like putting up stuff that isn't up to calibre. Would be cool to see that shoutout vid tho haha.
next verse gonna have some deep punchlines workin' on it atm gonna be ridiculous damnnnnnn haha
lol it been time haven't u finished that verse yet bruv??
haha shit I stopped like a few min after that post and got lazy again but thanks for the reminder.

So workin' on something atm. This is what I got so far. If the line sounds simple you should probably check it again as it likely has ATLEAST 1 other meaning if not more. Like that Hoffman scale is referring to F, G, A on a piano scale as well as F-> A on a school grading, FAG, G ahead of you usages. Gotta change some parts around since I'm doing it right now. Hopefully you can figure out the flow.

Depressed at the present so stitch the 90s to the bureaus,
forget our time, turned the nineties into zeros,
'09 a stitch in time saved oh... nine...
tease with euros, these Arturo's...
Got e's, trade blow for dough like Gatti,
God he... evade the beat... like Gotti...
John... the apostle, God seed, Nas see?
copies flopped the new Testament, but failed... ungodly
instead of how It was Written, vision'd Patriarchal stories like Isaac and his possee...
the cost steep... our Genesis, (not done)

You got cocaine? constant flow like coke eh?
You Di-NO-brain, micro, 2.0 gauge, Richter...
to the Victor... who chose the spoils,
a cat milking the utters of raps Golden soils,
playin' George Bush leechin' gold and oils, roil...
me get Cujo'd, feud grows, missed cat...
too close... Kudos, who'd know? trait... scaredy cat... great...
crying over spilled milk like a miscarry, CLAP!
Dino back into fossils, gospels, tales, finally got to "rocking" "scales",
mockin', talkin' Hoffman scales you often nail... an F,
I'll opt then veil, an A,  got a G ahead of you ... (gay FAG!) <- might change
Haha im an effigay blessed, G rap at its best, form Fab shoulda guessed...
dressed up them vowels, pressed... jested, then howl'd,
with E.A, he say I - O - U crew stands with me babe,
She say, you like Y, geez pray... for a horror to the family...
shivers spill down my spine thinking exor-her like Amity...
ville say, calamity... spills into tragedy.
Gradually, half o' these anarchies face travesty,
grab a seat, unravel this masterpiece, disaster weeps as this pastor preached faster cease...
fires, rap re-tires, Michelin pit stop, tweek'd skyward,
genetically modified weed crops, seek higher... knowledge,
no cheeks wired college, speakin' sheik spired maulage,
insight deep, fire, jaw sledge'd,
law says no longer in sight like God's hedge... Eden,
not dredge'd, beaten, blow your cover before getting cooked not eaten (not done)

some random lines not added in yet but might after rewording:
(this shit goes way over your head like fuckin’ bareback with magnum condoms; native Americans caught dreams, white people shattered them,
Like Hova I wrote those blue streaks on the page and came up with a coupla blue prints, still on that "Blue Streak" cause inbetween the sheets I'm like ya "Girl's best friend" (Jayz). dressed in Tommy Hilfiger like you fly, stop frontin’, Once I pull out the Tommy He’ll Figure to start runnin')

Too lazy for now I only spend a short time on a verse then always stop. I'll just update this post as I make changes to it (not today).
Most likely gonna be doing one that the whole song is one pun. If you read it one way it tells one thing if you read it with the other meanings it tells something else. Pretty sure I can pull it off, since you can just transform full sentences into them.
Feeling that one a bit more den the last one....No -Exuses...da shit is dope...jesus bless 1.

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