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Horse Shoe Gang - "Run This Town" (Week One)
props, they can easly drop they album as an indie release.
(08-03-2009, 11:23 AM)EFFeX link Wrote: [quote author=frisch213 link=topic=2136.msg259224#msg259224 date=1249302882]
good track, they never disappoint, from what i remember seeing/reading i think 1 of them is his real brother, i could be wrong..

Well, the interesting thing about it is that I always assumed heard that Dice is Crooked's brother. Now, the only reason I'm calling them all Crooked's brothers is biggest that is what the press releases from Treacherous Records have been calling them. I'm just typing up the information that they send me.

Also, I talked to a cousin of Crooked's one time that lives in the South and he told me that the Horse Shoe Gang and Sauce Da Boss are his cousins as well. It's possible that only one of them is really his brother and the others cousins. You never know, but it's like I said I'm just going by what I've been getting from Treacherous.

Not trying to confuse anyone.

Good Looking on the info, and hey if that's how the label wants everyone to know about them then that's cool

It could be a smart marketing strategy at this point with Crook gaining more mainstream appeal

 Defective Crooked I Robot
Props for posting this up EFFeX. "Catch Horses movin' in L's on some true chess shit".
HSG !!!

This is DOPE.!
The Only one i'm positive of is that Buff dude, is Crooked I's brother.  and He has a brother named byron which is in jail.  but they all kinda look like crook . ???

i think.

songs hotbtw.

jay cee kinda looks like kenny though too.

[Image: l_3e9d6e1404a85f620ac4890c6dfedf35.jpg]
(08-03-2009, 11:49 PM)J.P link Wrote: jay cee kinda looks like kenny though too.

[Image: l_3e9d6e1404a85f620ac4890c6dfedf35.jpg]

LOL, Interesting observation.

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