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Treacherous Records Is A Joke
(11-20-2009, 02:11 PM)shaffaaf27 link Wrote: you thought i was talking lyrically, then u lot are fools. success includes lyrics, but comerically aswell. lyrically there is a differrnce between crooked i and EVERYONE else, but success, crook is near the bottom.

also how you reach out to people! doing gangsta songs all day long is not going to get you anywhere mix it up like PAC!
umm looking bacjk, it loosk lieki never said that al all. whne i saw the 50 part i was cunfused, i was liek, wait i wouldnt say that. i went abck and saw it and that idiot misquoted me.
(08-19-2009, 04:09 AM)bigradgeandy link Wrote: [quote author=THEREALCOB link=topic=2274.msg260086#msg260086 date=1250641993]
[quote author=shaffaaf27 link=topic=2274.msg260084#msg260084 date=1250641795]

crooks my fav rapper but please dont ever say top 5 hes no way near jay, nas, pac, biggie, eminem, 50..

Does anyone else see anything wrong with this quote?

Thats like saying "pizza is my favourite food but it's no way as nice as chicken, hamburgers, kebabs, pasta and steak"

And putting 50's name up there with these other rappers just confirms that you don't know what you're talking about and I shouldn't be talking to you. While all these rappers are dope (barring fiddy) it is just a fuckin generic list that you came up with, it's like you have been brainwashed into believing that these rappers have to be the top five of all time and no one can come near them. If you had slung a 'Rakim' , 'Big L' or 'Big Pun' in that list then I would be more inclined to listen to anything you had to say but that list just confirms to me that you aren't capable of coming to your own conclusions.

Suck a dick poof.

noob u misquoted me.
Lots of negativity being thrown around here. WTF? Why is dude hatin on shaffaaf? And who the hell gets on here and starts posts taking stabs at the people we are here to support?I can understand voicing your honest opinion and not liking something but get the fuck outta here with that.

Hov dont have it no more. His time was ten years ago. He just got good beats.

Hip hop isnt dead, just Nas' career. Illmatic will always be classic tho.

50 admits he is not in it for the music so fuck him. If you call yourself a businessman instead of an artist then just go be a businessman. You gotta be about the art before the paper.

Eminem needs to grow up and stop dissing celebrities to get the limelight. After all his drama I think people would respect him if he grew up and tried to make a positive influence on the game. He has the talent thats for sure, but i dont understand why he wants this whole popstar status unless its just all about the money.

Pac and Biggie would be on everyones list. I interested to see if this changes throughout the years.

Good people dont finish last. The expression is nice guys finish last. Good people take care of their fam and fans. Crook will always have my support for being a real ass dude, plus all the free stuff I have received.

lol odd thing is i never said that scentence, someone elsse did, and i was misquoted, but i did defend it  SMH

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