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One-2 - "The Leak: Mixtape Volume 4"
[Image: theleak_cover.jpg]


01 I’m Gunnin’ (prod. Komplex)
02 U Don’t Want It f. Kobe (prod. Komplex)
03 Cold Blood (prod. Komplex)
04 Phony f. Crooked I
05 Machine Gun Rap Flow
06 Crackpipes From Baghdad
07 Another Sound (prod. Komplex)
08 Mister Obama
09 We Be Creepin f. Crooked I, Big Syke, Jayo Felony & K-Young (prod. Komplex)
10. Bang On Em’ f. Mikkey Halsted (prod. Komplex)
11 The Quire f. Xpand (prod. Komplex)
12 Never Backdown f. Xpand (prod. Komplex)
13 Sex, Drugs, Rock ‘N Roll f. Xpand (prod. Komplex)
14 Real Wit’ It f. Blaqthoven (prod. Komplex)
15 Whoa! f. Ca$his (prod. Rikannati)
16 I’m No Good (rmx) f. Amy Winehouse
17 Bang Bang f. Knoc Turn’al & K-Young
18 Know Who U Fuck With
19 Get Stupid (prod. Komplex)
20 Touch The Sky
21 My Piano

yo EFFeX how do you add pictures to the posts?
(09-30-2009, 03:04 PM)DALJ link Wrote: yo EFFeX how do you add pictures to the posts?

Click the icon that is two over from the "YouTube" icon and paste the link in between the tags.

I heard about this project dropping, but they leaked this one out of no where. LOL.

obviously the url is the one of the pic
(09-30-2009, 04:09 PM)shaffaaf27 link Wrote:

obviously the url is the one of the pic

lol cant you do it staright from your hardrive? and by the way am uploading the whole mixtape so be sure to check it out in about an hour!

by the way can people on here promote my page as it has a lot of crooked material on it more than anyone else on youtube? Thanks! if you do, if you dont fuck you! LOL
any chance of a different link mediafire aint fuking with me
man where you get this mixtape?

yeah upload it to photobucked and link it.
i am already uploading the mixtape onto youtube so it would take ages if i did it on zshare at the same time maybe some1 else can!
by the way got the mixtape and link from 2dopeboyz. or you could go onto and download it they have it there!
Shit is off the chain!

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