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What's Up And Welcome!
What's good everyone? I figured that I'd create this forum as a way for Crooked I fans to link up and post information regarding Crook.

Hoping to see new and familiar faces here!
Hey what's good bro!  Nice look on the site.  I'm from (Dynasty East).  Anything I can do to help you keep this site runnin and spread the word, I'm in!!
Damn, its weird seein the old site going down. been a member over there since the beginning, hopefully most people will move over here and we can keep the DOC alive
Yeah I'm also from the Dynastyent forum.  If that place really does go down I hope this takes its place.
Hey, I'm also from the D.O.C. (previously OG-NiUS) and it's good to see a few familiar faces around here. Hopefully the majority of the D.O.C. will join here and it will be like it never shut down.

p.s. good job to Effex for setting up this forum!
yea man lets do this right, and bossy!!!! i hope every1 from the old site sign up to this one....

do you think you would be able to get access to the database and just migrate the accounts?
its me Bloodyz_Bloodyz, from D.O.C. still saying fuck JAY, and big ups to EFFEX for wat u doin homie
From D.O.C. also, nice site.
(12-19-2008, 09:51 AM)IM SO HOOOOOOOD link Wrote: From D.O.C. also, nice site.

Thanks, I'm putting in mad work and trying to create something tight for the fans. That way when there is a Crooked I update we can all come discuss it here. Keep checking back for updates as I'm still coding the rest of the site.
was trippin wen i seen da old site shut.. but hey my login stopped workin on der for some reason so ehh kinda good in a way lol... isnt there gonna be another main crooked i forum?

im Hakan from the old forums and still am, was a mod on the forums till my login stopped working, i used to own, shut that down then made but thats down too.. these sites i made back in 2005-2006.. if any of you can memba them sites

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