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Slaughterhouse feat. Bun B - The One (Travis Barker Remix)
Im gunna have to go against the grain here

I didn't find bun b went with the song that great, he really didn't take away from it but nothing was added personally

and while Travis Barker on the drums is good I think the original was just as good possibly even better I think the drums were too hard and brought the guitar out too much or the guitar has been hardened or something it just takes away from their lyrics for could be that I've merely heard the song one too many times and there just wasn't enough to breath new life into it for me

I enjoyed the remix for one play too watch TB do his work but thats about all

Another thing is I am finding myself not into Crook and SH as much as before(or any rap for that matter I come here to see if Crook has put anything new out hoping to have my "love" for his music rekindled but it hasn't happened yet >Sad
 Defective Crooked I Robot
This remix > the original.
good looks on the mp3.. I couldnt find one
(10-19-2009, 06:46 PM)EFFeX link Wrote: You know it's arguable that this version is better than the original version. It's more dynamic and it really grasps the essence of the song. Nothing against Khalil at all, he's a superb producer, but Travis really put new life into this song. By the way, Bun B sounded perfect on this track. I wish it had come out earlier, it might have turned more heads.

Khalil has been one of my fav producers since I picked up the first Self Scientific album w/ Chace... but the beat he did for this track was a big let down compared to a lot of the heat he did this past year for folks like Fabulous, Game, etc.  props to Travis Barker for givin it more life, but i agree it took too long to come out.  Sad
first of all mad respect to travis barker, yes he definatley is more hip hip than 95% of rappers on the radio.  secondly i cant believe im sayin this but its true... bun killed everyone on that song.  to be fair though slaughterhouse had to dumb down the original since it was thier single. finally, this version>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>original.

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