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Horse Shoe G.A.N.G. - You Don't Wanna Fuck With Me feat. Crooked I

[Image: horseshoegang_cover.jpg]

Quote:That's right everyone, we are now one week away from the release of The Horse Shoe G.A.N.G.'s debut album. The four-headed monster has decided to release a brand new record to properly kick off the count down.

The Horse Shoe G.A.N.G.'s first leak from the Gangsta M.C. album is titled You Don't Wanna F*ck With Me and features none-other-than Crooked I. Over an incredibly gangster instrumental produced by Pistol, each emcee delivers mind blowing world play and rhyme patterns. In the event that you still question the Horse Shoe's skills, there is no doubt that you will now be a believer. Because words can not do this song justice, we encourage readers to check out the download link or audio player included below.

Make certain that you pick up The Horse Shoe G.A.N.G.'s debut album Gangsta M.C. on November 3rd. The album will be available as a digital download through Treacherous Records and the Universal Music Group affiliate INgrooves. Fans can look forward to appearances by Crooked I, Royce Da 5'9", ConiYac, KareLezz, Kid Vicious, Dynamic Certified, Kobe and Mykestro. Production is offered by Komplex, Jim Gittum, Dae One and Pistol. Until the album's release, please keep it locked to The B.O.S.S. Board for all your Horse Shoe G.A.N.G. affiliated updates.

Download / Stream:

Track List

1. Intro feat. Kenny Siegel (Prod. by Komplex)
2. Boyz On Tha Block feat. Kobe (Prod. by Pistol)
3. Here We Go (Prod. by Komplex)
4. Pimp Shit (Prod. by Pistol)
5. Circle Gang Anthem pt.2 feat. Crooked I & Kobe (Prod. by Komplex)
6. Cypher 1 feat. Kid Vicious, Mykestro, Coniyac Da X.O. (Prod. by Pistol)
7. Interlude feat. Julius Luciano (Prod. by Komplex)
8. Deadbeat West (Prod. by Komplex)
9. Watch Ya Mouth (Prod. by Dae-One)
10. Freak Wit Me (Prod. by Komplex)
11. Come In Tha Place (Prod. by Jim Gittum)
12. Cypher 2 feat. Crooked I & Royce Da 5'9 (Prod. by Komplex)
13. Long Beach Meeting feat. Dynamic Certified & Karelezz (Prod. by Jim Gittum)
14. You Don't Wanna Fuck Wit Me feat. Crooked I (Prod. by Pistol)
15. Outro feat. Demetrius Capone (Prod. by Komplex)
shits fire! album is gonna be insane. dudes are spittin like crazy and beat is decent

ps. edited your post just a little.
(10-27-2009, 05:07 PM)Episcop DOC Cvrle link Wrote:shits fire! album is gonna be insane. dudes are spittin like crazy and beat is decent

ps. edited your post just a little.

The track is pretty damn sick, I haven't had a chance to let it sink in yet, but from what I heard so far it's hot.

PS - I edited the thread again, LOL!
This song is FIYAH!!!!!!!!!!! OMG
This is what I wanna hear! The beat is dope and the flows are amazing!
You literally need to keep hitting the back button to catch all these rhymes, these dudes killed it!

Really has a nostalgic feeling to it, that old school Crooked I flow.
damn do i listen to this or wait?
Song's decent, Crooked killed it.

their flow is mind blowing!

im glad i listened to it!

Can't wait to cop this album but I don't know if I'll be able to wait until it drops to listen to it. The tracklist looks pretty dope. Nice to see Gittum on there.

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