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Mr. Pigface Weapon Waist Mixtape
[Image: pigfaceweaponwaistcover.png]

just a concept. i'd only take it further if someone wanted to get involved with it. i hate working alone :x
Damn, this cover is fucking sick!!!!! You should definately make a proper mixtape out of it! Maybe EFFeX can ask Crooked to drop a few tracks for it!
haha, thanks. i'm not even a graphics designer, this was just a lil 20mins quickjob for the concept.
cover looks good except the pigs head looks way too small, looks like he's met Beetlejuice !!
You can use my cover..

[Image: 1z3qs5u.jpg]
They are both dope. I like henny's cause its kinda dark/ sinister looking, but i also like all the stuff in the background of alphabets like the gunplay and slaughterhouse signs. Props guys.

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