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Is it me, or are there similarities in the HSG and D-12 (minus wack-ass Bizarre)
or am i just high
no similarities HSG way better!
i don't know....maybe if you take Eminem out of d-12 you can say horse shoe is better 

but Em with that crew was great
There is the similarity that Eminem put out D12 and Crooked put out HSG and your not the first person to point this out. However, if you want to talk about content, style, etc... They are totally different. Personally, I was never a huge D12 fan, I think lyrically the HSG are light years ahead of them.
if you put crooked back in hsg and eminem back in d12 HSG wins hands down!
As in the fact that they both have amazing leaders (Eminem and Crooked) yes. Besides that i dont see any similarities, HSG is real lyrical shit. D12 has lyrical ability but their music is more so make fun of the world and act dumb as shit music (Not a diss) I listen to D12 and have both their albums but overally similarities
Yeah I dont think they are too similar. D12 really dont have that much about them anymore. Proof was a big loss to them and eminem hardly works with them anymore.

I actually went to see them last year because Royce was touring with them. I left half way through because it was pretty horrible. That said, the sound system did not help things.
I can see maybe a little bit.  In my opinion, they both have ability (definitely more in HSG) but underachieve with their content.  HSG is all about guns and shit, and D12 is all about being funny.  

I know some people will say "D12 don't have any ability", but in terms of skill Kuniva, Swift and one of the others whose name escapes me all have skill, they just choose not to use it.  They could do it if they wanted to (minus Bizarre).

I see HSG as lyrical monstars!  All the ability in the world, but no clue how to use it yet.  They're like the 7th grader who is 6 feet 6 inches tall lol...I am pretty sure they're young yet though, and they can definitely be great once they figure it all out.  

On another note, i think Vishis (Royce's brother) should join HSG.  He just seems like he'd be a perfect fit.  Or they should at least do a project together.  Call it Slaughterhouse Mini Me or something....haha
their is no similaraties apart from the fact if wot someone said ealier were it says eminem released d12 like crooked realeased hsg apart from that their are no simmilarities at all, lets not forget hsg are all crookeds blood brothers and the whole royce little brother joinin hsg n callin it mini slaughterhouselol i think thats a great idea
alright, Crook put them out, Em put D12 out...time for Crook to do the Eminem and sell a few mill now isnt it?

Only D12 member I really, really rate is Denaun, but that's mostly for his production, he's good with some hooks aswell, but other than that, I'm not too hyped about D12

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