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JBTV forum or This site??????
Which is better???? And why?
I think both forums have their own strengths.

I guess it really just comes down to if you're more of a Crooked I fan, you come here and if you are more of a Budden fan you go there.

There's room for both as far as I'm concerned... It's all Slaughterhouse.
This one doesn't seem active enough.

But ALOT less hate.
(01-14-2010, 02:52 AM)da_co-signer link Wrote:This one doesn't seem active enough.

But ALOT less hate.

This site has more focused discussion regarding the music.

I think JBTV also serves as a general topic discussion forum, thus allowing for more day-to-day threads.

The Boss Board's peak hours are a little different than JBTV too considering that a large portion of our members are from overseas.
I much prefer here to JBTV.  I still go there for news sometimes, but not to post.  If you have a thought here, or a discussion topic you will actually get a discussion as opposed to comments like"who are you", "fail", "ether" and dumb shit like that....Having said that, everyone's different, and that board is very active, and last I checked Joe still posted there occasionally.  Like EFFeX said though, there's no reason why you can't visit both.
I visit both, but I only post on this. JBTV is too crazy really, as Akademic says, some of the stuff on there is just general abuse.

My fav posts on there go something like this;





lol!! Thats the kind of thing you get there if people dont approve of your post.

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