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Benzino feat. Young Pop - "Slaughterhouse Killaz"
I shouldn't even promote this nonsense... but here you go... We knew it was coming.
I'm not one to front so i'm gonna be honest, this is decent. haha if there is any possible to way to diss Slaughterhouse he found it and tried to use it. There was nothing that was like damnnnnn but in a sense of music and lyrics it wasnt all that bad. Or maybe my expectations were just so low that it had no choice but to be decent. Regardless, fuck a bendino!! haha
I posted something similar on JBTV, but this is my main opinion on the situation.

I really don't think that Slaughterhouse should waste anytime in responding to this song. This isn't about who is better lyrically, this is about Benzino using Slaughterhouse to gain attention and promote his own product. Slaughterhouse is moving on to big things in 2010 and there's no reason to associate their name with the joke of Hip Hop.

Benzino will continue to be a pest, but real Hip Hop heads already know that he is not in the same league musically as Slaughterhouse. There are no points to prove, there is no L's to take. Slaughterhouse, in my opinion, already won this battle on the fact that leeches are already seeing them as a path to success.
Oh it's on now.  I agree with what you're saying EFFeX, but if SH wants to be viewed as lyrical monsters or whatever, they have to waste this guy, and do it convincingly.  This could be good promo for them just the same......I am not huge on beef and all that, but this is more about competition to me than "street beef".  SH individually are accomplished underground, but now are getting more exposure.  They need to show these new fans they are NOT to be messed with.  They've turned the other cheek already with Wu Tang, and a couple nobodys.  I think this is the time to step up...
I don't think that they need to "prove themselves" by battling Benzino though.

Imagine a Slaughterhouse fan saying, "Those guys are the illest lyricists in the game, I mean look what they did to BENZINO!"

It's laughable at best. LOL
nothin' great but better than i expected

and yes, this deserves a least from crooked becuz ray directed most of his bars 2 him

face it, crook isnt THAT big of a name 2 overlook a diss track by the former owner of the source magazine
OMG that was a good diss track.... buti  aint fretting, jsut get HSG to rape them
did they diss joell?
(01-15-2010, 11:53 PM)shaffaaf27 link Wrote:did they diss joell?

Nah they left him out cause he was in Unsigned hype.
Just listening now, Im pleased as I think we are certain to get some new SH music anytime soon!

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