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K-Young - "Curious" & Mann - "Strobelight"

Quote:Last week, readers were excited to learn about the new mixtape called Better Than Your Album from Treacherous Records singer and songwriter K-Young. We recently posted the project's first single which features David Banner, but a brand new song is already available for download.

K-Young has been quite activate over the past few months in pushing his Magic Ink label, touring and collaborating with other artists. While K-Young maintains a very busy schedule he still finds time to release music to the fans on a regular basis. The latest release from his upcoming mixtape is titled Curious and features production from super-producer J.R. Rotem. This smooth and laid back anthem pays tribute to the classic Midnight Star tune of the same name. Although this one is mainly directed at K-Young's female fan base, the fellas should have problem vibing to this joint. However, if fans are looking for a more uptempo banger, another song which features K-Young and production from J.R. Rotem was released simultaneously. The song which is titled Strobelight is from an up-and-coming Los Angeles based artist named Mann. Listeners will immediately recognize the classic sample from Beverly Hills Cop and have no problem bumping this one in their rides. Please make sure to check out both songs by using the download links or music player included below.

Make sure to be on the look out for K-Young's Better Than Your Album mixtape which drops on February 1st and features all original production. If you are interested in checking out K-Young's previous leak, which is titled If You Only Knew, it can be obtained by using the included "related" link below. In the mean time, please keep it locked to The B.O.S.S. Board for further K-Young music updates.

Curious -

Strobelight -

If U Only Knew -
That song Curious is pretty dope, i think all the fellas can relate to seeing a girl and just being curious about what it would be like to hit the sheets with her. Haha or just being with her in a relationship, anywayz, sick song Smile
I'm feelin the "If u Only Knew". The production is nice. The kicks are on point. The synth lead is crazy as hell. Lyrically, it's tight. Something that's missing from RNB artists. The females are going to be bangin this here in the Deuce.

Curious is nice. Mainly because of the sample. The way the producer is flippin that shit.. His lyrics are tight as fish pussy. Useof the sample and the song content go together. The song actually has a concept. A remix with Krys Ivory would be sick as swine flu.

Didn't get to listen to Strobelight ho.

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