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Slaughterhouse VIDEO / PICS from S.O.Bs (01/22/09)
lets hope there is more of these moments and not flop like the 4 hrsmn
Quote:Joe Budden stans are a different breed man, no joke, it's almost amazing how a fanbase of such and intelligent artist can be so ignorant. And they don't like the idea of Joe being in a group where he might not be the best, that's why they'll tell you that Triangle Offense was better than Slaughterhouse, because Joe was undoubtedly the best artist. They're just a bit insecure, if Crooked rips Joe on every song Slaughterhouse ever make, Joe's fanbase will hate Crooked I, lol sad but true. 

I visited that forum once, had a good long look around and I can honestly say that I will never ever go back there again. Them dudes are fucking crazy.

hahahahaha yeah ive noticed homie, shit is real wierd over there, but i am gonna continue to promote crooked everywhere i go so i even made an account over there lol, i can't say i dont regret it already tho from some of the retarded responses i have read haha...but u right man its wierd, its like they cant handle the fact that crooked kills everything, i know they loyal fans or whatever like we are over here but comon now, show some respect where its due, the statement in bold is absolutely on point g, glad i aint the only one who sees the shit this way, i thought i wuz trippin to be real im like damn most dudes either dont know or havent heard crooked i, or they ready to hate on him right away, very few peeps actually seemed to have an open mind and i think the only peeps who did were peeps from this board, haha wuttup

Slaughterhouse - From InfBlack

Slaughterhouse - HipHopTVGame

This dude below posted most of the concert on youtube! Vids 1 through to 22

22- Joe Budden - All of Me End (Slaughter House @ SOBs) by TroublesomeRap

17- Crooked I Acapella (Slaughter House @ SOBs) by TroublesomeRap

1- Royce Opening (Slaughter House @ SOBs) by TroublesomeRap

(01-25-2009, 01:14 AM)BIGG Pene link Wrote: Slaughterhouse - From InfBlack

Slaughterhouse - HipHopTVGame

Props for the new video!
(01-25-2009, 01:18 AM)EFFeX link Wrote: [quote author=BIGG Pene link=topic=254.msg1365#msg1365 date=1232860466]
Slaughterhouse - From InfBlack

Slaughterhouse - HipHopTVGame

Props for the new video!

You know how we do. B.O.C.
Amalgam's coverage now added to thread!  8)
Nice, need someone to rip and upload that Amalgam video now Smile
im in a lot of those fan pictures
(01-25-2009, 03:07 PM)eddieLucky link Wrote: im in a lot of those fan pictures

That's what up, looks like the concert was sick.

I haven't been to a Hip Hop show in about a year now, I'm still kicking myself I didn't work something out to go.  >Sad

this site gave a HORRIBLE review of the concert!! heres a taste

"The biggest issue, however, came with the planning. Royce opened the show with a twenty minute set, followed by Joe’s feature set, which lasted an hour or so. At no time was Joell (or Crooked I, but that didn’t bother me) even on stage."

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