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The Game's Relevancy
I wanna know what the board thinks of the Game's Relevancy in todays industry. My thought is if you have to stuff your LPs full of features your not relevant. But what do i know?


I think he is way over rated man! He has a couple good songs here and there but he is by far not the best on the west coast! Also he hasn't even done anything for the west coast I mean like crooked always says were supposed to unite on the west but the game doesn't reach down to underground artists. He had crooked featured on a couple of songs bit they weren't even supposed to be nothing major!
He is one of my fav artists. U cant deny he makes good music regardless of what u think of the content. All 3 albums have been good solid albums, to me they have been great, and Im expecting more of the same on R.E.D.

And on his last album he only had 4 artists actually rapping, which out of 19 tracks isnt to bad at all.

He's also amazing live, a lot of energy, been to see him 3 times over here in England. Credit where its due, he is regularly over here, not many are.
first off the word is relevance. relevancy is not a word....secondly this is 100% a matter of taste. do u think crook or someone like that is relevant? to whom? more relevant than someonene like the game? u might but it wouldnt matter. and features works both ways. maybe most of those ppl reached out to game not the other way around and lets not forget that A] all of the artists he has as features arent exactly the horse shoe gang (no disrespect cuz i luv em but he features well known respected artists that help sell records just by having their names appear.) B] an album with little to no features wouldnt make him any more relevant would it? after all these years of him being in the spotlight we all should know based on all his albums mixtapes and freestyles what his talent level is and whether we like him or not and that is the only thing that makes anyone relevant to anyone else is if u actually give a shit. so on that note, i beleive that no the game is not relevant because i havent been checking for guys like the game or papoose or anyone who came out ten years ago that was supposed to save hip hop. they all failed. thats why i was in a time machine listening to big and pac and mad old music until i heard a little somthing called the slaughterhouse freestyle on green lanterns show. that made it quite clear to me that the only relevant movements in the rap game are slaughter and showoff. i say that because i like beats and lyrics. i dont care at all about anything else. a true fan of music shouldnt care about anything but the music.
He's slow as heel at writing music it took him 3 Months to write 300 Bars and runnin and it took crooked less than a week to write the hip hop weekly finale which I beleive was a freestyle and has about 230 bars!
(01-31-2010, 02:28 PM)DALJ link Wrote:He's slow as heel at writing music it took him 3 Months to write 300 Bars and runnin and it took crooked less than a week to write the hip hop weekly finale which I beleive was a freestyle and has about 230 bars!

thats a completely different aspect of music making. there are many rappers with more music out than the game, and many who are better at staying active but does that really matter? i dont think it does. if you really like game u will wait and anticipate no matter what. if u dont care u will probably let it drop and not give a shit. and that works from both sides, there is shit like detox or saigons album or papooses album or the nas/az album that people will wait until theyre 80 for....and then on the other hand what about freeway? he did the month of madness, 1 song a day, does that make him more relevant than crook, or more relevant than detox, its all up to u. what about sha stimuli? he dropped a mixtape a month leading up to the release of his album which is considered one of the best of 09, does that make him more relevant than anyone else, once again, u decide. i think u r caring about the game too much. the rap game is way too big to be stuck on any artist.
Lets just put it this way the only artist that I will like as much as Pac is Crooked I, I love these 2 more than any other artist. Apart from that I LIKE other artists but I dont have love for them like Pac and Crook.
I think Game is plenty relevant.  It does come down to taste though.  Not sure if you're asking if people care about him or his music, or if you're asking if they like it.  I think Game makes good music.  I could care less how long it takes him to write a song as long as it's good.  I'm glad he's gotten away from the beef crap too.  While it was entertaining, I think he is better off without it
Game is nice but he is not terribly relevant, at least not since he left the Unit. I thought he stepped it up bigtime lyrically when he left, but that was not reflected in increasing sales. 300 Bars and Running was a classic diss, up there with Ether, so I don't care how long it took to write.

If you're someone who loves hip hop, checks nahright/HHDX/2DopeBoyz a few times a week, downloads mixtapes, follows specific artists, I would say Game is relevant. But for the masses who listen to whatever is on the radio, and buy a CD now and then, he isn't. Then again, there are not that many artists that fit that defintion of relevant.
lmao so look at it this way if game was not relevant would most  of these cats fuck wit em? When ever he drops a mixtape I hear about it and most of the time there is only a few features on them game a earned his spot in the game he left g unit and made his own name the game has done just as many features for other people as they have done for him.

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