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In your honest opinion what makes a good mc?
I hear it all the time your fav rapper is wack or my fav is better than your fav I always wonder is it just the artist that they favor or is he or she what they look for in all  rappers they listen to?

I feel it's easier to understand someone's opinion if they have a particular standard when it come to the artist they listen to instead of relevance, record sells,  or the fact that they're underground and a secret to the rest of the world and that somehow makes them special.

What are some things you look for your artist to have in order for them to get the ok from you?
In my opinion a good emcee has to be versatile. He can't be only about battling or straight punch lines. He has to be able to write a song, he has to be able to make a crowd move. When it comes to skills, flow is just as important as the lyrics.

I'm not sure creating a radio friendly record is a necessity as I don't focus too much on mainstream Hip Hop, but it doesn't hurt. The fact of the matter is that as a fan of Hip Hop, sales are not as important to me. However, with that being said, I think that artists that make great music should be supported as this is their craft. I think that fans need to really step up and support artists who they feel and make these labels and media outlets pay attention, but that's a whole other story.

Anyway, that's my opinion in a nutshell, but there is so much more to this topic.
Lyrics, Flow, Personality, Truthful, Background, Entourage and Charismatic.
(02-04-2010, 06:18 PM)DALJ link Wrote:Lyrics, Flow, Personality, Truthful, Background, Entourage and Charismatic.

crooked i makes a good mc Big Grin              <------------ this post might have been biased
I think Joe Budden summed it up for me in his Boy Looka Here freestyle:

"I aint the best that's done it,
just a reckless young kid,
with Big L's wit and some Lord Finesse punches,
my deep joint like a mirage of Pac's shit,
Eminem's insanity with Nas's knowledge."
very simple, a good mc should embody the 5 elements of hip hop. other than that, the key thing to recognize a good mc is raw emotion.  when u love what u are doing it shows through your actions.  a good example of this is eminem.  he used to be very emotional in the old days which is why many people called him the best. yet on relapse there was almost no emotion. look at all the rappers on the radio they are just monotone, no emphasis on passion.
the lyrics (message,punchlines,patterns,syllables, flow), personality (meaning define who u are), honesty (the self expression of the mcs beliefs & opinions), emotional content (sorry for biting bruce lee but it's true), creativity, natural presence and an mc has got to love what he or she does everytime they go in the booth more than the $$$ & fame.
when u find urself vibin/ bobbin' ur head to the flow, rather than the beat.   

& pretty much everything else that was mentioned in the above posts.. 

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