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What would everyone think of the HSG members having solo careers?
Personally I think it would be cool they would be like a mini Wu Tangbut not yet because theyre album didn't sell alot maybe they should do another album then branch off and do solo stufff but also come back and do group shit
Eh idk homie, they compliment each other very well lyrically and i think it keeps them on top of their game when they have to compete when there writing lyrics, there just not solo artists or built to be solo artist at all in my opinion, MAYBE Capone just because dude has everything needed to make it big but they need to stay together and make it big in the rap game
Ya like 509 said, I think they're way better off together than solo.
While I wouldn't object to them pursuing solo careers in the future, I think that the Horse Shoe G.A.N.G. is a unit right now and would like to see them stay as one for the time being. I think it would be great to see solo songs, but would never want to see them go their own ways, which as we know is an unlikely hood as they are family.
I think they should take their time with the group to grow as artists before they even considered solo careers.  They are so talented but they have a lot of room to grow as artists first.  I think staying with the group is their best move for now
im really diggin demetrius capone right now, but luciano siegel dice are crazy sometimes/ most of the time but just sayin d capone is ill
I think he will fill crooked shoes when he retire
As long as they keep recording as a group aswell Id say why the fuck not?? If any of em feels like recording some solo shit, do it lol

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