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Best Hip Hop Beat Ever!
I was wondering because there are thousands of beats out there I wanted to know what ya'll think is the best Hip Hop beat in your opinion and give a reason as well lol!

Mine has to be 2Pac - Changes because it is a oerfect beat to be put with the lyrics 2Pac was saying in the song also I think it is probably the most familiar hip hop beat ever!
Souls of Mischief... '93 Til Infinity... 

on the real. I could name a top 20 favorite list and still feel like i was leaving out too many Sad
damn this is hard,

Ambitionz az a Ridah - Tupac
The Next Episode - Dr. Dre
Homecoming - Kanye West

damn this is one of the hardest questions ever haha
Im gonna have to long long think about this but there is too many to name!
raekwon criminology

"Still Dre" by Dr. Dre and Snoop. Classic west coast shit and amazing overall beat.
Im gonna say Shook Ones part 2 but thats just how i feel today. I could name hundreds all 4 different reasons.
I'm gunna have to say del tha funkee homosapien's press rewind I love the progression on that beat.
Natural Born Killas Dre and Cube That beat is Sooooooo Hard ya just cant fuck wit it

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