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hey guys im makin a mixtape n need yahelp
hey im makin a mixtape just mainly hsg,crooked,joell,budden.and royce we will probably chuck afew other artists on their to ,

but i know you guys are good with your art work n shit so just wonderin if ne of ya's get board chuck one together and the bossboard logo on their
its just gonna be what me an my friend consider real hip hop if ppl like it an download it will make one every 3 months ..use do it how ever you want it just know its gotta have a hiphop type theme

  ,,only thing i want it to clearly say is "Beagle & Yanthrax presents 1/4 2010 courtesy of"

any help would be great let me know any ideas you may have.

something like this is what i mean, its gonna be a tape you can burn an hand out to ur mates an jus b hip hop to grab new fans
well first i think, we will need effex's permissions on using the bossboards on the cover, before someone can help making it.
What kind of stuff do you plan on putting on this?

Hit me on the PM.
yeha wen its fnished it will defintly be sent to effex to see if he supports it
Beagle & Yanthrax Presents.... 1/4 2010 [courtesy of]

I see thats my 2 Australian Bosses.

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