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Airamis feat. Knoc-Turn'al - "I'm On The Hunt"

Quote:While Knoc-Turn'al's fans patiently await the release of his upcoming album Knoc's Ville, the Treacherous Records recording artist has linked up with Airamis of Las Vegas as he continues to build buzz.

During Knoc-Turn'al's recent trip to Las Vegas, he had a chance to visit Brickhouse Studios where he linked up with engineer Tony Mack to record I'm On The Hunt with Airamis of Maynea Records. This feel good record is a tribute to the club culture and serves as a narration for Knoc and Airamis' "hunt" for ladies. We encourage fans to check out this record, using the link included below.

Please stay tuned for information regarding Knoc-Turn'al's upcoming release Knoc's Ville and his lead single Gimme The Night produced by Komplex in the near future. Additionally, make certain to follow Knoc on his official Twitter account for more information. As always, please keep your browsers pointed to The B.O.S.S. Board for further Treacherous Records updates.


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