Poll: Who thinks Dubcnn forum is the biggest Pussy forum of the world?
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Yes, they´re dictators.
3 20.00%
Yes, they´re Homos.
3 20.00%
Yes, they´re afraid of other websites.
1 6.67%
Maybe, they´re have nothing to eat, that´s why the eatin they shit outta they wc.
1 6.67%
No, but i hate these bitches.
2 13.33%
No, but i like the website background colour
5 33.33%
Total 15 vote(s) 100%
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Who thinks Dubcnn forum is the biggest Pussy forum of the world?
these bitches are too afraid if your speak you mind, i mean free of speach bitch ass dubcnn forum, fuck all mods over there, thebossboard is the best nobody can´t fuck with us here, im not tryin to start something i want your thoughts on that.

p.s. they banned my as a member & guest for 7 days. wtf?
never set foot there, what happened?
(03-06-2010, 10:32 PM)shaffaaf27 link Wrote:never set foot there, what happened?

greatest decision that you make, damn these bitches over there ban someone if you speak your mind, they´re peoples that cursin the hell out over there, then im make some noise, these bitches act like that, it was about the ice cube vs crooked i thing, then you see how these bitches act...
freedom of speech you mean? I didnt quite get your actual post. I'm not even registered there, and if I am I havent visited that forum in years. So who are you mad at? The mods for banning you? The members for what they said?

P.S. can we please induct this poll into the Hall Of Fame? lol
lol....I've never been there either, so i can't call it myself. 
(03-08-2010, 06:14 PM)Novakane link Wrote:P.S. can we please induct this poll into the Hall Of Fame? lol

hahha yea i agree with you on that one, probably the most creative poll I've ever seen lol
They are definitely a funny bunch over there but i think thats mainly to do with the average age of the dudes posting, i remember a while back I said in a thread that kurupt is shit in comparison to how he used to be and a few weeks later my karma was -108! Theres dudes there actually logging in everyday to hit you with the negative just because you say something bad about their favourite rapper....thats some imature behaviour, in saying that i check for dubcnn on a daily and it gives me the info i need on the westcoast, anyone recommend any other similar westcoast sites to check for?
Sounds crazy. Like the opposite of here. Never checked it out before, but now I don't really plan on it. Thanks for the heads up. Sorry you guys had to deal with some bs.
Ive been on dubcc for years now, its a great forum and site, dudes from there are grinding and doing a great job on updating world with the info on westcoast music.

Its a big community with lots of old school members so you can always find Crooked haters, Game haters, Bishop haters, 40 glocc haters, Glasses haters, New West haters etc etc, most of people there grew up on "old west" NWA, Snoop, Cube, Dogg Pound and cats like that  its not strange if theres some not yet confirmed Crook vs Cube beef that they will support Cube because of his legacy no matter if Crooked is right. Its important not to take internet and people comments on forums seriously and go into the beefs, its internet forum and some of the dudes will write anything just to piss out other member, in this situation Ferhat cause they know they can piss him off if they say sth against Crooked cause he is a big fan or as some of dubcc members refer to ferhat as Crooked groupie. Best is to ignore those people and not let them get to you, show them that you are more mature then them cause everyone can be hard over internet.

When it comes to you, ferhat situation, I asked what is the problem, its seems that they made some new forum rules and that you didnt read them and respected them so they banned you for one week because of your aggressive behavior towards members, mods or even admins.
I've had various names on Dubcnn for 5+ years now. I have to be real, I really like that site and respect a lot of members on there.

Sure, I've had my differences with the mods and members in the past, but that doesn't mean that I've given up on the site forever.

I still go there on a daily basis and really respect how they provide an outlet for upcoming artists that we wouldn't normally get a chance to hear about.

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