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4 Headed Monster Lyrics
[Kenny Siegel]
We gon get right into it
Afraid yet mufuckas?

You’re dealing with a four headed monster
SH did it, now its HS’ time to
These pork grinders, cold rhymers
Old rhymers, forget em like old timers, don’t need em as co-signers
We quite vicious Im slight wicked
When I’m rippin I eat more pussy than dike bitches
The sickest wit with the fact some blind as if they sights missing
So my rhymes help em see the light like night vision
I write from day to night, I even write while I pipe bitches
That’s why I’m harder to serve than a life sentence
I’m impossible to stop, like time’s tickin
My words go over heads as if they were sky written
Cerebrate create than salivate
The silliest syllables every phrase I spill is great
When I say Ima propella fella with a CHOPPAS
I don’t mean HELICOPTAS, I mean HELLA SHOTS, I make ‘em elevate
I’m strapped to my seat when I’m snatchin a whip
If you don’t know what I mean my belt be fastened aint it
I’m on a mash for papes if I need cash I may just
Jack ur bracelet, snatch ur chain so quick, you’ll get decapitated
A basket case, ahh-choo at people, I’ll cough at me
Then cough at Kenny then hahh-choo in Siegel
Get under they skin like a tattoo and needle
Act stupid, that dude’ll be the black fluid in you

[Julius Luciano]
I ain't with the leanin and rockin
That ain't even seen as a option, nigga as a teen I had a thing
For bling I would scheme for cream, I would dream of green
Now I got bustin out the seams of my pocket
No lie nigga I got a 4-5
I step in, trippin on purpose this is not a faux-pas
I’m so fly the skies honor me, the clouds show homage
If not the king of fly, then I’m a grind nominee
Guys who study astrology, cosmology can not possibly
Ponder how high my rhymes rock in me
My eyes aint on the sparrow, the sparrow got its eyes locked on me
I conquer like Im Constantine
Design prophecies like I am Nostradamus who combine Socrates
And Pac’s qualities arrive at me
Ion property, scat a new philosophy,
I’m the shit, I challenge you to not agree
When I spit, don’t gotta use saliva see
My pistol will hawk and spew shots at you
I drop you dudes, the gat I use can spot ya geeks
Now peep my attitude and posture see
Ima beast, I gotta crew of monsters C-
O-B, just call us Chewpacabra
Yep, I’m too focused man, would you please rock with us if you overstand

[Demetrius Capone]
When I face off, picture a thug missin his mug
Any particular stick in the mud can get hit when the slugs whistle
Give a nigga a millisecond to, rip you, quicker than wet tissue
My intellect is the rhyme internet, I threaten you and pregnant bitch
That mean Ima triple threat, if you
Disrespect, I’ll hit a deaf cripple
Godzilla in the flesh, I intercept missiles
The minute my Virginia Tech rip, it finna stretch kids
BLAOW! I aint finished yet witchu
Ya flirt with death, then in the next minute death kiss you
Kiss of death, you niggas fresh fish food
See this dude getting better with time
One year ahead of my time, like whatever I drive
I give you the news first, Im ahead of the LA Times
Like Im running from the LA Time
Uh-huh, at times Ima act kinda clean
Brap-brap behind the scene, the mini-map clap, gimme the strap I pack time machine
Guns, they flatline your team like hands at nine-fifteen
Stickin with the time and then
I draw near like a deadline, you won’t have time to scream
Listen to that rhyming scheme
You can snort it, I give crack line to fiends

[Dice Dinero]
C-O-B easy, buddy relax
Nigga don’t make me bloody my axe
Or revving my chainsaw, nigga Im King Kong
This aint North Korea, but I’m Iller than Kim Jong
My dick is like mad dong, forever put in work
But I’m stickin dick up in bitches, that’s how I do my dirt
Yo I go berserk with the glock nine
Nigga I pop nine, niggas set to drop of hat or should say a dime?
You just a waste of time
4 shots’ll put ur face in ur lap and make it look like they both combined
Make it look like you about to blow ur mind
I’m just a sick individual sometimes
And I belong in the loonie bin
With the shit I come up with, me and Hannibal should be friends
Listen I’m rugged and I’m thuggin immensely
Act up and bustin til what I’m clutchin is empty
Gun off, safety, so be careful when rubbin against me
I’m in, love with the paper, that’s the color of envy
While you lames stay yappin
Y’all becoming a pain in my neck like my chain, cuz my chain way massive
My change stay stacking, you lames cant match it
I keep green on me like every Day is Saint Patrick’s
Yeah, I’m straight dame magnet
I stay clean, like I’m in them AA classes

sry i took so long
post any mistakes if u find any

much props bruh..
only small thing is Capone says a "millisec,ond to" not "get To" he stresses the word longer..

Gud shyt  
Good work, my dude ... Found these , I'm not completely sure about them tho
Luci says "My eyes ain't on the sparrow, The sparrow got it's eyes locked on me"

And I think Caopne in the end said something like "crack"
Maybe it was
"You can snort it, I give crack lines to fiends ..." ...

Keep it up tho

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