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Joell Ortiz feat. Joe Budden & Novel - "We Don't Belive You" (Behind The Scenes)

dope ass song, we will see free agent, great escape and MILLION DOLLAR STORY!
Hmm. Beat sounds DANGEROUS.

I recall hearing Joell saying he's planning on making a video for each song. Which would make for a dvd I'd really really want.

Can't wait.
Ah man... This is one song I heard a long time ago and been waiting for them to start pushing it as a single. I knew it had single written all over it, I can't wait for the video!
Has this been leaked as an audio or no?
Man this looks sick!
(03-25-2010, 11:21 AM)anita_job link Wrote:Has this been leaked as an audio or no?

Not yet.
dammmmmmmmm~~~ the boss board hasnt produced this much quality in 24 hours in a long time AWESOME WORK!

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