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I'm pretty chuffed with this one

zSHARE - santas grotto.mp3

Download from zSHARE - santas grotto.mp3!

santas grotto.mp3 - 8.52MB

Download from santas grotto.mp3 - 8.52MB!


You’re so unmanly wack as fuck
Hopin andy wont go nuts
I’ll phone your family, bam them up
gropin fannys in the club
I’ve been pokin plenty rancid sluts
til my scrotums empty like alan stubbs
spit ether, the rulers back
shits deeper than sewage taps
your shits weaker than poodle kack
pipsqueek get your coupon slapped
typed in yer maws address on google maps
then I went tae her door, made her blow on my doodlesacks
that’s german for bagpipes
then I murdered the fat dyke
that’s why the polis are ootside searching wi flashlights
ever seen a man get murked with a craft knife
shout out to feeno in the cut burning a crack pipe
my live shows are great, watch me rap to the masses
done a show for mark speight , it was packed to the rafters
as was my performance at fashanus garage
so what if I like to rap to hanging kedavers
I’m a barbaric savage, I’ll carjack your grandma
Get oot the reliant robin before you get smack wi a hammer
Don’t think that I’m posh cause I’m not living in poverty
I’ve got more shortcomings than midget pornography
I’m slick with the robberies, pinching your property
Dick smells of cottage cheese mixed with colostomy
I can flow for ages, so outrageous
Sick as fuck but its no contageous
Your approach is basic know your place bitch
If there’s something on my mind them I’m gonnae say it
I’ve never been one to mince my words
You know I empty both barrels every time I spit a verse
In toilet with a comic givin birth to the biggest turd
Your rhymes or beats, cant figure out which is worse
Rhymes superugly when radge spitten em
Like that bruiser fuckface anne widicombe
Bruise her buttcheeks when I cram dick in em
Standing in the house of commons cause she cant sit on them
I Hate politicians I amn’t having it
Hate-rape my way round the fuckin shadow cabinet
Even that old bastard thatcher, the old battle-ax
I’ve no fuckin standards shallow hall’n that
been a bit of a tosser, but no acrobat
since I got lifted with rotchford when we stole caramacs
Watch me tear this apart, your so amateur
I take things to heart so I don’t battle rap
Fuck tradin insults with some quick witted student
I’d rather punch him in his face til his chin was in ruins
Smacked up with ease, with the audience booing
Half cut wi feeze drinkin tins of mcewans
Even **** was like your missin some screws son
Jakeybites takin over, we’re a bit of a nuiscance
if its over a poofs head, go ahead crack a bottle
Shout out to every hooker spread getting shagged in a brothel
I’ve mastered my craft, radge the apostle
Round the back of the cav, shaggin a fossil
Santa was mad cause I wanked in his grotto
And spoiled his plans of giving prancer a gobble
Oiling his hands next to dancer and blitzen
He was soiling his pants, he was planning tae fist them
Cuttin a rug with my hands on your missus
Friggin the slut like a man on a mission
Twistin her guts til her fanny was drippin
Would’ve used the dildo but the batteries missing
Kicked the fuck out your dug and stamped on your kitten
My liver is fucked if I carry on drinkin
Kicked off the plane cause I tried tae carry on (?????)
It was headed for spain, but It landed in pilton
You rappers are small time like willows accurist
I’m sharper than the long knife that I kill faggots with
I’m a twisted character as sick as dracula
Mixed up since I kid when I was hit with spatulas
This rap shit is easy, it isnt rocket science
Barred fi the zoo, for trying tae stick my cock in lions
Mr budge got it tight, use tae piss him off wi brian
He couldnae catch us but it didn’t stop him tryin
Jakeybites are the future a hip hop alliance
3 of us jambos so any cunt in a hibs top is dyin
Someone call dre, the kid is a problem
Just murdered his beat, spittin it awesome
Turning back now, isn’t an option
Won’t stop til all the critics are kissin my bottom
Rabies flow, I’m as sick as a dog son
Its bigradgeandy bitch the ridiculous scotsman
LOL... Slaughterhouse, not sure, nice post though.
welcome to the forum, guess this was copy/paste .. zshare link don't work ..
yeah dude

i'm a big crooked fan and i only recently found this forum, just thought that i'd post my own shit up
slaughterhouse is complete as it is right now i think. but nice post.
Nice bars bro. We should make a pass the mic topic like on dynastyent.

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