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Eminem feat. Wayne No Love - Recovery
#1  pretty sick what u guys think?
Its good and all  but imo this is seriously overhyped...
im 4 songs into the album and its pretty damn good man. gonna have to wait and see how the rest is

heres a link to the album
I was already addicted to "Not Afraid"... This track is good too. Just think it's a bit corny that they sampled Haddaway's "What is Love?". Who produced it?

So the album has leaked already? Damn.
whats everyone think to the album? Im not downloading, ill be waiting but keen to get an idea over here, hard to judge on jbtv!
fuck man, listened to the whole thing twice now, and i think its actually worth buying. I think eminem is back finally...there i no more of the gay ass squealy voice, and he actually admits to how shitty relapse was.
Good track, one of the best cuts from the album.
Its a nice track but why would he let lil wayne ruin the shit..
Every breathe eminem takes you hear lil wayne in the background going "yeee", which i think gives it a corny/childish vybe
am i the only one who loved encore and relapse?
(06-09-2010, 10:44 PM)shaffaaf27 link Wrote:am i the only one who loved encore and relapse?

No i think a lot of people like Encore myself included but me, Relaspe was alright

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