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Making a MP3 file into a YouTube video. Help plz!
Anyone know the easiest way to make a audio file/MP3 into a YouTube video? I tried just uploading the MP3 and it failed the processing step. So now, I'm guessing I have to make some sort of slideshow with the MP3 file playing in the background. But how do I do this without taking up too much time? Even If I just upload one pic of Crooked for the whole duration of the MP3 to play, I don't care. Just want to know how to go about making a video like this. Thanks.
just use windows movie maker. drag ur mp3 into it put a picture into it and click save video as mp4 then upload to youtube! it take 2 mins max.
Yeah the only problem is I don't have a PC, I have an iMac. I'm gonna have to mess around with iMovie.

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