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Royce Da 5'9" - "Walking In The Rain (Freestyle)"
Fuck Nickel is fire. Cant get enough of it.

Where is the beat from?
Game's Hustin' Champion remix or some crap. Correct me if I'm wrong.
Slightly off subject guys but does anyone knoe if saigon ever responded to royce's diss, that diss track by royce seemed to come out of the blue on be3
the diss wasnt out of the blue, listen to the skit right before the saigon diss and it is saigon talkin bout Slaughterhouse, he says sometin like they are all good rappers but he dont think that they can record a good track n he says some shit bout each of them. i would like 2 see a response from saigon too, cuz he a good rapper aswell, it would be some quality diss tracks for us fans 2 listen to
this track is sick, Royce is a maniac, hear the shit he says bout mel gibson, haha
Nice joint to come home to... props.
Sick. He ripped it as usual

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