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Cool new site - hip hop music database (definitely worth checking out)
Hey, I just randomly came across this new site which is a hip hop music database (kinda similar to IMDB I think). I was quite surprised to see Crooked was actually on the site (rated 8/10 as an artist lol), but I think the site is new so it doesn't have his discography on there yet.

Just an interesting site which I thought I'd share with you guys. I've spent a while just rating some artists and was wondering whether this site could even put an end to Jay v Nas debate! Just kidding, that will never end.  Smile
Bump. Anyone else had hours of fun rating artists? lol...If Dre doesn't release Detox soon he will no longer be 10/10 in my books.  :-\
This is actually a pretty cool site. Thanks for sharing man (yea i know its been a long time since you put it here but i checked it out now lol). Imo, Dre shouldn't be at the top but w.e.

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