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My Mad photoshop skills
haha i just started and this is like my third pic so just putting it up here to see what you guys think ;D

[Image: crooked.png]
[Image: crookedonthethrone.jpg]
You know that second one actually matches pretty good!
yea Ive been practicing with the editor u suggested and another one that has sum nice features so Im just starting to get accustomed to it
Keep it up cause you never know, I may redesign this site in the future and look for some member input!
What program are you using? And try be cleaner when you cut things out. Good start though, keep it up. Smile
thanks for the comments and the first one is pretty f'd up but Im learning well as long as i keep getting sum positive comments ill keep posting heres the next one

[Image: crookedhiphoptabg.jpg]
oh and im using and photoscape both freeware so get them and start editing lets get all of the fan art on here as we can!!

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