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Official Knoc-Turn'al "Can't Knoc The Wes" Mixtape Thread (Now Available)

[Image: knoc_cant_knoc_the_west_mixtape.jpg]

Quote:Earlier this week we announced that Knoc-Turn'al and Wes Coas were planning on dropping their brand new promotional mixtape. In a surprising turn of events, the brand new mixtape is now available for download four days early.

While Knoc-Turn'al and Wes Coas prepare to release their new albums Knoc's Ville and Great Western Form, the two emcees have linked up for a special promotional mixtape and tour. The Can't Knoc The Wes mixtape is a collection of exclusive tracks, freestyles and feature appearances recorded by both artists. Artists who also appear on the mixtape include names such as Crooked I, Jaguar, Akon and more. We encourage everyone to check out this banging mixtape by using the download link included below.

Please stay tuned for additional information regarding Knoc-Turn'al and Wes Coas' Can't Knoc The Wes tour which kicks off on October 1st in Scottsdale, Arizona. In the mean time, keep it locked to The B.O.S.S. Board for further updates.

Track List

01- Up Down - Knoc-Turn'al (feat. Akon)
02 Nacho Cheez - Wes Coas (feat. 7th Letter)
03- Call Me - Knoc-Turn'al (feat. Jaguar)
04- Right Left - Wes Coas
05- Gangsta Lean - Knoc-Turn'al (feat. DJ AK)
06- Cash Rulez - Wes Coas
07- This is Long Beach - Knoc-Turn'al (feat. Crooked I & Hustle)
08- Dub In The Sky - Wes Coas
09- In Ya Mind - Knoc-Turn'al (feat. J. Almighty & Jaguar)
10- No Middle Ground - Wes Coas (feat. Maro)
11- Whatever I Want - Knoc-Turn'al (Feat. Raskal)
12- C.R.A.C. Muzik - Wes Coas

Not a fan of either of them but ill give it a listen or two

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