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Official Knoc-Turn'al "Knoc's Ville" Thread (Now Available)
[Image: knocturnal_knocsville_cover.jpg]

Quote:Over the past several years, the West Coast legend Knoc-Turn'al has been gearing up for his much anticipated return to the Hip Hop scene. After a nearly unbearable wait, Knoc-Turn'al has unleashed his brand new album to the world.

Knoc-Turn'al's Knoc's Ville project has officially marked the emcee's come back to the Rap game with fifteen brand new bangers. The album is laced with classic West Coast production that blends seamlessly with Knoc-Turn'al's highly unique rhyme style. Furthermore, Knoc-Turn'al recruited some of the most notable names on the West Coast Hip Hop scene to assist in the project. Although the album is not available as a physical product, Treacherous Records, Hoopla Media Group and LRT made it possible to offer the album to fans directly through digital media outlets. We encourage everyone to make an immediate purchase as both Knoc-Turn'al and his entire camp are incredibly proud of this release.

In the coming weeks Knoc-Turn'al will continue to promote the project through his upcoming music video I've Been Here For Years as well as several other marketing strategies. In the mean time, please follow the emcee on his official Twitter page for further updates.

Track List

01) Knoc's Ville feat. One-2 (Prod. by J-Beam)
02) Where Have You Been (Prod. by MG)
03) Amen (Prod. by 51-50)
04) Mind Yourself (Prod. Komplex) (Scratches by DJ Wizard)
05) Half Way Loved You feat. Knawledg (Prod. by Deztined)
06) Theme Music (Prod. by Blaqthoven)
07) Gangsta Lean (Prod. by DJ AK)
08) Sorry I Left You (Prod. by Komplex)
09) Drop That Lame feat. Jaguar (Prod. by Komplex)
10) I've Been Here For Years feat. Crooked I & James Elizabeth (Prod. by Big Hollis)
11) OOOOO-WEEEEE (Prod. by Komplex)
12) Can We Do Our Thing (Prod. by Komplex)
13) Let Go feat. Jaguar (Prod. by MG)
14) I'm Sorry I Left You (Remix) feat. Jayo Felony, Yukmouth & Sly Boogy (Prod. by Komplex)
15) I'm Back feat. One-2 (Prod. by Komplex)

Lookin forward to the single with Crooked, hopefully it drops soon
GREAT! with that said, BOOOOOOOO for no new info on One-2, gotdamn i'm starting to think treachrous may switch up on us with that history/destiny project. How in the hell do we get a full tracklist from one-2 (which i thought was a sure sign that we'll be getting the ep around the corner but obviously not) without a single or release date before knocturnal comes out with his single and release date then the tracklist wtf is up with that? where is treacherous going with the marketing on these projects man this is crazy lol
Knoc-Turn'al is up first, then One-2. It's on the way, don't worry.
I like track title no. 13  Big Grin

I've never been a fan of dude's solo material to be honest. He had some dope cuts on his albums, but overall I wasnt impressed....let's see how this turns out
I'll be checkin this out. Lookin forward to the "I'm Back" track with One-2. Is this gonna be available in stores or only online?
ive been trying to get radio play for Knocturnal even knoc talked to them wont play em gotta get sum new stations around here
song is sick
(10-07-2010, 01:44 AM)509 Finest link Wrote:I'll be checkin this out. Lookin forward to the "I'm Back" track with One-2. Is this gonna be available in stores or only online?
in stores as well! full distribution

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