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The Foreign Exchange - Authenticity (Oct/12/2010)
[Image: Authenticity.jpg]
"Authenticity" is the 3rd full-length from indie-soul duo The Foreign Exchange.

Picking up where their 2008 Grammy-nominated "Leave It All Behind" set left off, "Authenticity" is the group's most diverse work to date, with a tight, 11-track song cycle spanning the duo's trademark brand of lush electronic soul, to stripped down acoustic pieces that recall the heyday of 70's singer-songwriter driven folk.

Lead single "Maybe She'll Dream Of Me" is a playful, synth-driven hip-hop groove featuring a rapped verse from Phonte that evokes the band's "Connected" era, while the epic opener "The Last Fall" finds Phonte singing some of his most cynical lyrics to date ("Love is at worst an excuse/at best it's a truce...") over a frenzied Nicolay production jammed with layers of strings, guitars, and dense choral harmonies.

"I think every band reaches that point when they come into their own and find a sound that is distinctively theirs," says Phonte in reference to the album's title. "The title refers to me and Nic's journey to find our own unique space within this vast musical landscape. The biggest challenge as a musician is to find that 'thing' that makes you who you are. But I think we're getting there, and we're finding our way more and more with each record."

Featuring guest appearances from longtime contributors YahZarah, Darien Brockington, Zo! and Median, and also relative newcomers Chantae Cann and Jesse Boykins III, "Authenticity" hits stores 10/12 on +FE Music.

01. The Last Fall
02. Authenticity
03. Eyes To The Sky
04. All Roads
05. Fight For Love
06. Maybe She'll Dream Of Me
07. Don't Wait
08. Make Me A Fool
09. Everything Must Go
10. Laughing At Your Plans
11. This City Ain't The Same Without Yo

look out for this.  Phone and Nicolay never disappoint,  they gonna have to try really hard to top LIAB,  maybe they will surprise... october 12
Really looking forward to this.  I think they may top LIAB, I personally prefer "Maybe She'll Dream Of Me" to "Daykeeper" who knows.
how goes it man, you might not remember but you put me on FE and musiq souldchild back on that old DOC slept on albums..hope all is great!.  anyway  This single is dope but why ddid they add that extra thump thump on the beat it throws it off for me. lol btw have u checked out Zo!'s album?  it was refered to me by a friend just haven't had a chance to check it out yet.

but yeah little brother is pretty much done, so im all for supporting these guys too
Haha, yea I remember - hope all is well with you too. I know what you mean about the drum pattern in the new single, it took me a couple of listens until it stopped throwing me off. I checked out Zo!'s album recently, but haven't really given it a proper listen but it sounds quite chill and soulful from what I remember.

It's a shame about LB though. Hopefully all three of them will reunite at some point. I just love "The Minstrel Show" too damn much to not hope for that scenario to happen lol.
just a reminder,  album dropped today, you can get your copies at .  show support yall.!!


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