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Joe Budden feat. Royce, Fabolous & Lloyd Banks - "Remember The Titans"
Surprised no one posted this...

Royce wins.
This the best joint of the year period.
X2 with eFFeX surprised no one posted it really. It leaked a few hours ago.

One the dopest tracks of the year. What a ridiculous collab !!!!!

All of them went in harder than ever ! God dam. I am speechless
Hell yeah!!! I have to listen to this more times before i can say who has the best verse but after 2 listens i would say Royce or Joe. Ive never been a fan of Banks and Fab did his thing.
This track is something else! 7 more days until Mood Muzik 4 drops!!
Fuck I dont know how so many people are saying so and so won this one....THEY ALL WENT INNNNN.

For me they all equally killed it. I can't come to a conclusion with myself on who had the best verse, they all fucking killed it
royce wins bitchhhh
ROYCE BY A LANDLSIDE. he hasnt written like that for a while. as soon as he starts u know its gonna be crazy. meanwhile fab and banks are so fuckin boring i cant stand it. fab especially. so many wack ass lines. got that tt poppin like a trending topic. ooooh. fuckin BORING. banks too with his flow, he thought if he came with a diff flow he could stand out but this is the fucking SLAUGHTERHOUSE buddy, a g-unit nigga has no chance along them. i just wish joell went first and crook went 3rd and we had a new SH track. i hate the fact that joe reached out to these guys.
royce did black out on this...joey needed to flow better with his verse compared to 6 Minutes of Death and Family Reunion...but his punches in this were still top-notch...

"there's beams on every burner, with these L.A.S.E.R.S., a petition wouldnt help"

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