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car music?
yo guys, what your music for the car? fixed up my stero, and normally i just put the speaker of my palm pre phone on and listen to HHWR, but wondering what everyone had, and are CDs the way to go?

my mates dont really listen to hiphop, they prefer southern crunk  :Smile

but what do you lot bump?

crooked i? slaughterhouse? or  the guilty pleasure katy pery (and yes i do)
i dont have a vehicle so i can't realy recommend you trunk knocker gangsta rap ish, but i'm sure some one else will.

if you need a break from hip hop though throw this one on

Empty Streets - Late Night Alumni
I listen to of course Crooked and the slaughter, also Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Eminem, Kanye West & a lil Drake & Nicki
cd is def the way to go. cd quality is far better than mp3 quality (which I never knew until I got a dope system in my truck) as for music, I listen to crook of course, but I'm a classics type of guy so I like some straight outta Compton, east 1999 eternal, donuts, illmatic and a bunch of classic cd's in my truck (about 40)
Oh forgot to mention, I used to use a usb stick with my car stereo to listen to music, now its all hooked up through the iPhone. Never really noticed much different in quality between the 2.
Alot of Crooked I and One-2, his music bumps in the car!
I am still bumpin' after inauguration lol..
for some reason i don't get sick of it...

Effex make another mixtape!! I need some rotation...

Ummm I would recommend this Statik selektah & Termanology  1982 album.. sounds nice and classical...
Also MM4!!!
For me, Joe Budden, Brother Ali, and recently Bishop Lamont are never out of my CD changer. Ultimately, 'car' music is no different from what I woud listen to anywhere else. Good music.
the chronic 2001, capitol punishment, the marshal mathers lp, distant relatives, wu-tang meets the indie culture think differently music, cunninlynguists - strange journey are in my changer ATM, i also listen to alot of foo fighters, red hot chili peppers and goo goo dolls for a change from hip hop
as far as my car goes lets see..... right now its 2pac all eyez on me, blu & exile below the heavens, kendrick lamar o(overly)d(dedicated), big krit krit wuz here, ugk ridin dirty, nas lost tapes, elzhi the preface, fashawn boy meets world and dom kennedy from the westside with love

bout to put in celph titled & buckwild's nineteen ninety now in rotation too

dont worry i incorporate some crooked i inbetween lol

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