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NEW: Ad-vice - "Crucial Element" (Album)

[Image: advicecrucialelements.jpg]

Quote:Earlier this year The B.O.S.S. Board officially introduced our readers to Ad-vice, an upcoming emcee who represents Portland. After building up his buzz on the underground circuit over the past several months, the Circle of Bosses affiliate has finally released his new album.

Although Ad-vice is recognized as a new artist, his album Crucial Elements delivers a classic West Coast sound that veteran Hip Hop connoisseurs will appreciate. The project blesses fans with an authentic and honest sound that listener's have been craving. The thirteen track project not only focuses on Ad-vice's abilities, but showcases additional artists such as Kare-Lezz, Nucclehead, Showkase, Virgil Kent, Bliss and more. We are confident that listeners will be impressed by this West Coast banger. Please support Ad-vice and the Circle of Bosses movement by making a purchase through iTunes.

Please make sure to follow Ad-vice on his official Twitter account for additional music and information. In the mean time, keep it locked to The B.O.S.S. Board for further news updates.

Track List

1. Bars Deluxe feat. Nucclehead
2. Do Dirt, Stay Clean feat. Kare-Lezz
3. Looking 4 Da Best feat. Nucclehead
4. Where I'm From feat. Kare-Lezz
5. Money Keeps Chasing Me feat. Nucclehead
6. Ghetto New$ Flash feat. Queen Dita
7. I'm Eatin feat. Bliss
8. Tell Her Nothin' feat. Nucclehead
9. Kick Down Da Do'
10. On My Level feat. Showkase
11. Check Ya Rearview
12. Coast To Coast feat. Virgil Kent
13. Cut It Out feat. Nucclehead

I might have to check this out

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