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Signed to a record label, heres the street single
Soul Entertainment.... Here's the first track we put together, this is my group The Killbots, I go by J. Prhyme

Vengeance ft. The Killbots

Quote:S.O.U.L Entertainment likes to present The Killbot's newest single - Vengeance
with features & appearances from JPrhyme & your's truly, HinSaru*
[Image: 4242876746-1.jpg]

These guys are truly awesome and talented artists that I recently signed to S.O.U.L Entertainment. After they showed me a demo of this song, I had to book a studio to get these guys in to record it. It truly turned out to be awesome and will be hitting digitally via iTunes, Amazon MP3, iLike, CD Baby, & Napster

Hope you guys enjoy this preview~!! Will be releasing soon

Bandcamp [ x ]
[Parental Advisory. Explicit Content]

Artist: The Killbots (Juco [Darian Johnson], Man E Faces [Vincent Bowman]) & JPrhyme (Johnny Eds)
Producer, Recording & Mixing Engineer: HinSaru* (Hobyn Yi)
Track Programmer: Sean Divine
not bad
for sho, more feed please
I actually liked it, any chance of a download link ?

Keep it up Smile
thanks, bump
another upp

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