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(NEW) Chuuwee - Bikini Bottom (Sponge Bob) (Prod. Cookin Soul)
LOL Big Grin i know what your thinking....why am i posting this??
well first off my cousin emailed me a link to this video and when i saw the title i was like WTF? a rap song about sponge bob??? but then i saw that cookin soul
produced this track and it was by a dope new upcoming emcee from sac town, ca that goes by the name chuuwee. So i listened to it and it was certainly an interesting take on the cartoon. It was uniquely dope and cookin soul (dope producers who did the beat on "money talks" by crooked, one-2 & k-young) flipped the theme song pretty good. With that said please give it a listen u might digg it. It is certainly better than most mainstream songs out!

enjoy.....try to at least..
Here is the mp3 of the song if you want it

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