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Only TRUE hip hop heads/artists click on this thread, C.O.B.!
Peace, Yo if ya'll are on a Crooked I forum I can safely assume your hip-hop heads, check out this one song of mine (I got nuff just not too many on the internet lol) leave me comments,criticism,ect and of course some of your own music! I know I'm not the only member on this forum who spits so why not share it.. C.O.B. is world wide for real, looking forward to replies/opinions, I put it on youtube so nobody would have to download it to hear it peace
thats sounding fuckin dope man, the audio quality isn't the best though, do you have any other shit to listen to?

I spit but I'm a Scotsman so may not be up everybodys street but fuck it, UK peeps think it's dope
haha thanks man!, I just checked out your page and I wont lie I laughed for the first few bars (only cuz I'm not used to the heavy accent) then I kept listening and was like "hey this shits actually pretty dope!" so big up scotland all the way from Toronto keep it up homie, C.O.B. really is worldwide.. I haven't put any more of my solo tracks on the net but heres a bunch of collaborations with friends

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