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KKK Halloween costume debacle in Ontario canada (Nov.3/10)
news is a bit old but i thought i'd post it up. (maybe crook will say something abotu it on hhwr?)

to long to read. 

basically some guy and his friend ( a former police office)  showed up at a halloween party one dressed as a kkk and the other with a noose and painted his face black (police officer). they showed up at the legion which is basicaly a place where ww1 and ww2 and all the canadian soldiers are honered. ( i apologize if i'm wrong) its like a royal canadian forces thingy.  well something to that affect.  its a small town in canada.

its disgusting and people do stupid shit like this some get published and some don't but this happens smh oh canada...

[Image: kkk-legion04nw1__985562gm-t.jpg]

KKK is everywhere and in canada they are allowed to practice their shit smh  as it seys on the canadian charter of rights and freedoms. still this is fucked up. no race > better than other race. and no religion is better than relgion.

2. Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:

    (a) freedom of conscience and religion;
    (b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication;
    © freedom of peaceful assembly; and
    (d) freedom of association.
ya thats just some dumb hicks, canada has them just like the states....although most of them are found in saskatchewan cheering for the roughriders.
man our law system sucks...

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