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Jay Electronica Signs to Roc Nation??? (Please read)
Yes this is forreal jay elec has officially signed to roc nation. Me personally i'm gonna reserve my excitement for this news because 1) jay electronica still has yet to deliver on that act 2 project and 2) j. cole still has to drop his debut album. This has certainly been an interesting year of good artists getting signed to major labels (ex: obviously slaughterhouse is going wit shady, mos def signed to G.O.O.D. music and now this) Im just gonna sit back and see how it all turns out.......

Here is the link on the deal

A video of jay electronica spitting a acappella of a new verse attached to a song that jay-z sent him (hearing this verse gives me a indication that jay might not have to compromise his style)
so hes signed to roc and he starts talkin about illuminati?
(11-14-2010, 03:12 AM)ThaHolyChronic link Wrote:so hes signed to roc and he starts talkin about illuminati?

cause jay elec already knows what some people are gonna say about this career move due
to the stigma attached to jay-z so hes addressing that illuminati shit early

i mean i did come across a comment on hiphopdx like this
"Jay-z, jaye & jcole= the free-jay-sons" lol damn thats fucked up
thats great news for jay elec. he is dope mc. but as OP said where is the j cole album??  also  why do people acted like"wenot illuminati but our eyes in on the money" is  a dope line? lol
This is great to hear. Roc Nation may have 2 upcoming legends on their label, Jay Electronica and J. Cole. Glad to see their talents are getting recognized. Congrats to Jay E.

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