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(NEW) J. Cole - Friday Night Lights mixtape
Very impressive, and I'm not even a big J. Cole fan. Definitely impressed more than The Warm Up.
yea forsure better then the warm up, there is alot of real quality lyrical content in this, the songs are just pure quality in every aspect of a song. def gets me more interested in following j.cole abit more.
thanks man. i been hearing great things with this tape.
I'm feeling the majority of this mixtape. Dude's great with the production too - a true talent. Can't wait for the album.
Absolutely phenomenal MC, i have everything this man has ever released, even back to the days when he was known as "Therapist". My favorite MC by far, i love Crooked and Slaughterhouse but their all behind J. Cole on my list. If you dont listen to him you need to ASAP because this is music for the soul.

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