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Jaseon Ma - Glory ft. Caleb Lin

dude reminds me of saul williams in terms of style
album dropped last week,  this is def definitley an acquired taste depending on how you look at things and what your beliefs are, after a sit down with the album its pretty good,  he really tranmits the message of God through his music its a least worth a listen.  pm me if you guys want the DL link,  other wise its up on amazon, bigcartel and itunes.  budget for the album was like 100k, you can read more about the album and the dude on his website.  my fav tracks are passion, glory, love and gratitude.

  1. Passion Jaeson Ma featuring Calista Wu
  2. Life Jaeson Ma featuring Steph Jones
  3. Love Jaeson Ma featuring Bruno Mars
  4. Glory Jaeson Ma featuring Caleb Lin
5. Intimacy Jaeson Ma featuring Joseph Vincent
6. Peace Jaeson Ma featuring Christina K
7. Miracle Jaeson Ma featuring Christina K
8. Gratitude Jaeson Ma featuring Marie Choi & Jeremy Crooks

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